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time zone:Northeastern

Disrered youtuber:Liz mace

i will be on offten

hey its liz! im in a band called megan and liz! i love to sing :p

Anonymous said: I cna't do the charlie any more. SOrry <3

okay thats fine <3

mariaismyname said: I have a RP blog of Jenna Marbles. The url is jennamarblesfyeah, and I was wondering if I could join. Thanks for the attention! -xx

This is an example of a para (in answer to your submition) (this one is quite short but it’s the basis of it) =) xx

I would love for you to join! Accepted!

Name: jennamarblesfyeah.tumblr.com
Time zone: GMT -3
Desired youtuber: Jenna Marbles.
How active you will be: At least once every two days, mostly once everyday.
Para sample: I honestly have no ideia of what that is, but if it is what I’m thinking, I have been a part of a rp blog of my country, and they kicked me out because I had a fight with the owner. If it isn’t that, I’m wasting your time, lol. I’ll tell you whatever it is, send me an ask.

Charlieissocoollike || Taken

Name: Charlie McDonnel

Age: 21

About: Charlie is an English boy who considers himself quite awkward. He’s sweet and loves his mum, he is also number 1 subscribed in England and is a comedian/vlogger. He has done “Challenge Charlie” which is when one of his fans challenge him to do something which is usually quite weird, one was to die his hair red, and another example was to drink ketchup which Charlie didn’t get too far with and in the end, threw up. He is a nerd but he is proud of that and like most boys, doesn’t understand girls.

Shane Dawson || Open

Name: Shane Dawson

Age: 23

About: Shane’s main YouTube channel is the third most subscribed channel of all time behind Nigahiga, and Ray William Johnson. He is a comedian and an actor. He is quite weird but who doesn’t like a bit of weird!?

Accepted audition =) Make an account ASAP and tell me who you will be playing

Name: O hi I’m Sammy.
Time zone: (Which time zone you live in)Central USA.
Desired youtuber: (name of youtuber you want to rp)Daily Grace or Jenna Marbles?
How active you will be: (how often you will be on)25/8
Para sample: (a simple para sample, can be from another rp)http://www.bambii-joness.tumblr.com/page/11

Le Audition ^_^ || Accepted! Please make your account soon as possible =))

I’m Amber-Lee, I’m in AEST (Australian Timezone), I’d like to play Megan Nicole. I’ll be as active as I can be. Usually on for about 3 hours a day if I can and if I don’t have work.

This is from a Harry Potter roleplay on Facebook. My character has been kidnapped by a follower of Voldemort and had just been tortured.

Throughout the whole time Hazel was being attacked, Fourteen year old Teagan was screaming and yelling. “Stop! Please! Please!”She begged. She ignored her bruises, her cuts and crawled into a ball, sobbing into her hands. Teagan couldn’t think of anything else to do, but beg. She felt so cowardly, but when you’re fourteen, when you’ve not done anything with your life, you’d do anything to stop yourself from being killed right? That was the way she saw it at least.

"Please! I’ll tell you anything you want to know. Anything that I know that I can tell you"Teagan screamed. She didn’t know what else to do. She didn’t have her wand, she didn’t have anything only her voice and a will to live.

None of the gifs I use are mine

I can’t make gifs =P

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